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Sorrowful haresThe Art for Charlie Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity established in 2012 to help children with life limiting illness and all families bereaved by the death of a child.

Our Foundation donates to hospitals and hospices to help fund hospice for children where it does not exist. We also lobby and advocate for removal of insurance and other obstacles to providing the best care.

For families, particularly parents and siblings, who suffer bereavement from the death of a child, whether by illness, accident or suicide, we offer help through retreats, counseling, workshops and support groups and individual grants. We recognize the impact of grief as a public health issue, one that can fracture families and cause economic stress.

We raise money through art events. It is a way to focus on joy and beauty rather than sadness, while at the same time bringing art to the community. To this end we organize art shows and auctions, art prizes and children's art events. 

For families who have lost a child we also print the child's art to preserve the memory and tell the story. -- see Memories.


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 Upcoming Events - 2014

Tuesday, September 2
"Cultural choices in coping with grief"
The People's Church, East Lansing

Tuesday, October 7
"How to talk to a friend in grief."

The People's Church, East Lansing

Saturday, November 1
Children's Art Show
Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

Saturday, November 1
Conference on Pediatric Hospice and Bereavement Support
The People's Church, East Lansing

Thursday, November 13
Art Show & Auction
Marriott at University Place, East Lansing



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